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Acne Treatments



            NEW CLIENTS:

Consultation $50 

Schedule just your consultation with a Certified Acne Specialist to learn all about acne from what acne is, what may be causing your breakouts, diet, lifestyle as well as your specific type of acne. We will analyze your skin so that we might give you an idea how long treatments will last. (this is a must to use our products or schedule appointments.)

Acne Consultation and Treatment: $165 (most popular choice)

Schedule this appointment with a Certified Acne Specialist to learn all about acne, what it is, what may be causing your acne, diet, lifestyle choices and we'll analyze your skin, test products as well as perform a treatment and go over homecare.  (Products are not included in this price...expect to spend approximately $150-$175 for homecare).

(If you are on Accutane, you must be off one month before scheduling an appointment; Vitamin A, Differin, RetinA, Tazorac, EpiDuo, Adapalene must be off these products for 2 weeks prior to appointment). 


Acne Bootcamp:  $925

The Acne bootcamp is an 8-10 week program with treatments every two weeks and an initial full-size starter kit of home care products.  This approach will have your skin mostly to completely clear in three to four months (depending on the type of acne and your commitment).  Every customized treatment includes cleansing, enzyme, chemical or hydrating treatment, extractions, high frequency and  LED.   Future appointments and Product replenishment will have a 10% discount.


For Existing Clients:  If you're unable to make it into the Clinic, follow-up appointments are available virtually and can be scheduled online (for clients currently on the program)


If you're interested in our virtual program, we will set up a video call where we can assess your skin, explain the program and how all the elements work and get you started on a homecare regimen. You'll check in with us every two weeks so we can monitor your progress and make sure the program is working as expected.  (This is for new clients)


Acne Treatment $100 

Professional treatment performed by a Certified Acne Specialist to clear skin and

improve overall health of your skin. All acne treatments include cleansing, exfoliation 

with either an enzyme or chemical peel, and high frequency.


Acne Treatment with LED  $135

Following with your Acne Treatment, the Deluxe treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation

with either an enzyme or chemical peel as well as high frequency and  30 minutes of

relaxation under our Celluma LED light panel.  LED treats acne, inflammation, hyperpigmentation as well as aging and pain. (Must have already completed the Acne Consultation to book this appointment).


Microneedling:  current clients:  $325

This treatment will be performed by a Certified Acne Specialist specially trained by Eclipse Medical to perform microneedling (also called collagen induction therapy), and can be done once your breakouts have ceased for approximately six months. 

Dermaplane:  $85

Dermaplane treatments are a form of exfoliation; removing the dead skin as well as the fine vellus hairs leaving your skin smooth, glowing and having the ability for better product penetrate.

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