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Do I Need A Dermotologist?

A non-MD skincare professional (Certified Acne Specialist) can be incredibly effective without the use of any prescriptions. I have no medical doctors on staff; yet, according to an independent survey that was done in 2007 by Face Reality Acne Clinic, where I was trained, 90 percent of acne clients were clear within six months. Here is how I do things differently than a physician:


  • I educate you on lifestyle issues, drugs/medications, and comedogenic ingredients in makeup and skin care products that can exacerbate acne. I give you a strict home care treatment Program and follow up to make sure you understand what is expected of you.

  • I assign a home care regimen according to type and severity of your acne. I use formulations with mandelic/lactic acid, vitamin A Proprionate and, to a lesser degree, glycolic and salicylic acid. I couple this with the systematic use of benzoyl peroxide, starting slowly so that your skin won't get so irritated in the beginning. As you work with me, I adjust your home care regimen as your skin adapts.

  • I coach you on the next steps in your home care and assess the condition of your skin during your appointments to see whether it is ready for the next step. If it is, I adjust the frequency of usage of your home care products, not allowing your skin to get used to your current routine.

  • I do extractions every time you get a treatment with me, so your skin clears more quickly.


Have questions?  We're here to help.


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