I've been a licensed Esthetician since 1999 and a Certified Acne Specialist since 2012, I've seen it all, from the mildest acne to the most severe cystic acne and thanks to my training and years of experience as well as the Face Reality program,  the clients I've worked with are all clear.   
I moved to Texas in 2011 and It didn't take long for me to feel the need to  to get back to work. I noticed  that I was seeing more clients who suffered with all stages of acne. Being curious as to why this was, I began researching and found the late Dr. James Fulton, a leading dermatologist with offices in Florida. Because he had also suffered with acne most of his life, his practice dedicated itself to healing acne sufferers. He wrote the book Acne Rx, co-developed Retin-A and was instrumental in bringing Benzoyl Peroxide to the forefront in the treatment of acne.  

While working with Dr. Fulton, I found Laura Cooksey, an Esthetican in California. Laura had developed her own line which we now know as Face Reality Skincare and created a program to certify other Estheticians so that they could use her protocol and her products.  I started working with Laura in 2012 and was Certified by her as an Acne Specialist.

Seeing how well her program worked and that she was getting everyone she treated clear within approximately 3-4 months, my practice soon revolved to where I was only seeing acne clients.  I am truly passionate about my work and the clients I see and now devote my time and passion to helping clients have the skin they so desire and deserve.

If you suffer from acne, you know its life-altering qualities and probably assume it is also a lifelong sentence; however, When you visit Clear Beauty Acne Clinic, you'll learn that couldn't be further from the truth. 

If you've gone from store to store, visited dermatology offices looking for a cure, have been on antibiotics (you know you can't stay on them for a long period)  have even thought of trying Accutane but know the dangers there, it's probably time to call in an Acne Specialist.  I know what to prescribe, how to instruct you to use your products, and I spend time with you. I'm available to answer your questions when You have questions. I see you routinely to check your skin, check your progress and alter your treatment plan to make sure it's working and you're getting the best results in the quickest amount of time.  

I will customize a treatment and home care plan for your unique skin and acne type. You will be coached every step of the way to get rid of your acne once and for all.   Acne is not a one-size fits all, so if you follow the customized treatment protocol set up for you, you can be clear in approximately 3-4 months.

My passion is to help acne sufferes be successful in having clear skin and to take back their lives and build their self-esteem.  Call to schedule your initial appointment or click the Book Now button and schedule your appointment.

            Serving Collin and Denton Counties and all surrounding areas of Dallas-Fort Worth

Clear Beauty Acne clinic, 5850 Town and Country Blvd., Suite 202, inside Natural Health District, Frisco, Tx. 75034 (843) 505-0189:  Clearbeautyskincare@yahoo.com

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