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Hi, my name is Emilie.



I moved back to Texas 4 years ago after spending 6 years in Alaska.

I love being in nature and enjoyed lots of mountain hikes while I lived there.  

I am also a dog lover and our family has always had a furry member throughout my life.

I'm a licensed Esthetician and a Face Reality Certified Acne Specialist.  Having struggled  

with acne myself, I understand the emotional toll it can take on self-esteem and

confidence.  My own journey to clear skin is fueled my passion in wanting to learn 

more about healthy skin, and ultimately specializing in innovative and effective acne 


I'm committed to helping clients achieve their skin goals through personalized

treatments and tailored skincare regimens.  My goal is to ensure every client leaves my

care with a renewed sense of confidence and a clear path to achieving healthy, 

radiant skin. 

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