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Hi, my name is Emilie.  

I moved back to Texas 4 years ago after spending 6 years in Alaska.

I love being in nature and enjoyed lots of mountain hikes while I lived there.  

I am also a dog lover and our family has always had a furry member throughout my life.

I began my own journey with acne when I was about 13.   At that time, I started

learning all I could and invested in many different kinds of skincare products.  

This resulted in a journey to understand skin, why we get acne and how to treat it.  

My own experience then fueled my desire to become an esthetician so that

I could help others.

I have a passion to help people who are looking for answers to their skin care concerns.  

I believe that everyone can feel confident in their skin given the correct tools and

knowledge.  I look forward to partnering with you on your skin care journey.

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